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Payments: HB Stopped

A claimant's HB may stop for many different reasons, and this is a time when arrears can accrue, sometimes unnecessarily, particularly now HB can only be backdated up to one month maximum for working age people.

As soon as you become aware that HB has stopped for a claimant you need to contact them to find out why it's stopped and help them ensure they receive any HB that they are entitled to.

And if possible get the HB award reinstated to avoid the need for a fresh claim (if not living in a Full Service area) or a claim for Universal Credit (if they are...). This is particularly important to avoid losing protection against some welfare reforms - eg: loss of family premium; 2 child limit; having to claim Universal Credit instead.

All too often in arrears cases, the arrears could have been prevented if the claimant was aware of their rights and done the right thing at the right time.

When HB stops it might have been terminated altogether, or the HB Office may have suspended payment pending investigations or waiting for information to come in.

This could be for a variety of reasons - mainly because someone has had a change in their circumstances, the main ones being those given below:

 JSA Sanctioned

What should happen to the claimant's HB award if their JSA has been sanctioned?

Passport benefit Ended

What happens when a 'passport' benefit ends?

Failed to Provide Info

What happens when the claimant fails to provide info requested by the HB Office?

Intervention Issues

What if the claimant fails to responds to an intervention?

Starting Work

What happens to HB when someone starts work?

Non-Dependant Deduction

When would a non-dependant deduction end a HB award?

Not Living in Property

What happens to HB if the claimant is not living in the property?

Savings Increase

When would HB stop if the claimant's savings have increased?


From when would HB end if the claimant dies?

Claimed UC

What happens to HB when someone claims HB?

Partner on UC moved in

What happens if the claimant takes on a partner who is on UC?

EEA National R2R Issues

When would an EEA national's HB stop?






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