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Payments: HB Stopped

As soon as you become aware that HB has stopped for a claimant you need to contact them to find out why it's stopped and help them ensure they receive any HB that they are entitled to and get the payments re-instated if this is possible.

If the HB payments have stopped because a working age claimant (or one of a mixed age couple) has had a change in their circumstances, then you will need to work out whether this means they now need to claim Universal Credit instead. See "who has to claim UC" section.

If the HB has stopped because they have claimed UC, this is because the LA will have received a "Stop Notice" from the UC dept. Unless this was in error (eg they "fail" the SDP Gateway) they will not be able to go back onto HB.

If they do need to claim Universal Credit instead then it is worth ensuring that they have received their full HB entitlement ie right up to the day before they claimant- including any two week run-on (click here) that they may be entitled to.

If they don't need to claim Universal Credit (and not all changes in circumstances will trigger a new claim - click here- or see our "mapping tool" here - then you'll need to see if it is possible get the HB award de-suspended / reinstated to avoid the need for a fresh claim and perhaps a gap in entitlement.

HB payments stop for a variety of reasons, the main ones being those given below (or use the side menu).

NOTE: New claims for HB can only be made by claimants who:

Claimed UC

What happens to HB when someone claims UC?

Partner on UC moved in

What happens if the claimant takes on a partner who is on UC?

 Passport Benefit Sanctioned

What should happen to the claimant's HB award if their IB-JSA / UC etc has been sanctioned?

Passport benefit Ended

What happens when a 'passport' benefit ends?

Failed to Provide Info

What happens when the claimant fails to provide info requested by the HB Office?

Intervention Issues

What if the claimant fails to responds to an intervention?

Starting Work

What happens to HB when someone starts work?

Non-Dependant Deduction

When would a non-dependant deduction end a HB award?

Not Living in Property

What happens to HB if the claimant is not living in the property?

Savings Increase

When would HB stop if the claimant's savings have increased?


From when would HB end if the claimant dies?

EEA National R2R Issues

When would an EEA national's HB stop?

Re-opening Claim

Could the 'old' claim for HB be re-opened?






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