Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
EEA Nationals and People from Abroad

Main Principles

Find out about the key principles of the People from Abroad rules.

EEA or non-EEA?

Benefit rules depend on the claimant's nationality- EEA, or the 'Common Travel Area', or the rest of the world so check here!

Non-EEA Nationals

Who can / cannot claim UC because of their 'leave to remain'? What might they need to show?

EEA Nationals

Who can /cannot claim UC because of their right to reside status? What might they need to show?

EEA Situation

How an EEA National's situation can affect their 'right to reside'


How they claim and what issues they may encounter.

Refused UC?

What can someone do if they are refused UC?


Find out what some of the key 'People from Abroad' terms are and what they mean.

Law and Guidance

Guidance, Case law Regulations.

Post Brexit

What will happen?