Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
EEA Nationals and People from Abroad

Be in GB

Find out the definition of 'Be in GB'.

The Tests

There are 3 tests that everyone claiming UC has to pass.

British Citizens

Who is classed as a British Citizen?

Irish Citizens

Have the same rights as a British Citizen

EEA Nationals

A guide on EEA Nationals claiming UC.

Other Nationals

A guide on Non EEA Nationals claiming UC.

Dual Nationality

What are the rules for someone with Dual Nationality?


What are the rules for couples?

Claiming UC

What happens when a person from abroad claims UC?

Refused UC

Why might a person from abroad be refused UC?

Law & Guidance

Law & Guidance.

Orgs that can help

Organisations that can help.