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Payments: Overpayments

Main Principles

UC overpayments rules differ considerably from HB overpayments - check the main issues here.

From Landlord?

UC overpayments can only be recovered from landlords in limited circumstances. What are these?

From Claimant?

Generally UC overpayments will be recovered from the claimant - find out more.

Fraud Penalty

If the overpayment is caused by proven fraud giving grounds for prosecution then the claimant might be offered an Administrative Penalty at 50% of the overpayment, as an alternative to prosecution.

Civil Penalty

Where the claimant has caused the overpayment they might have to pay a penalty on top of the overpayment itself.


Overpayments are always recoverable, even where caused by official error - but the DWP might use their discretion.

What Should the DWP Do?

The procedures that the DWP should follow in determining and recovering an overpayment.

How Much?

How the DWP should calculate the overpayment.

Challenging Decisions

Find out what overpayment decisions a claimant or landlord can challenge the DWP about.

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