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How it Works: Claimant Commitment

What is it?

What is a claimant commitment? What is it for?

Does everyone Need one?

Is it a requirement for all claimants? There are some exceptions.....

What does it include?

What will it say?...…..It lists more than work search requirements.

How to accept

What happens if a claimant doesn't accept it?

Cooling off period

The time given to the claimant to accept the Claimant Commitment.

Second Opinion

If the claimant is not happy with the proposed Claimant Commitment.


Some examples of how Claimant Commitments work when claiming Universal Credit as a couple.

Reviewing a commitment

If the claimant does not agree with the terms of their Claimant Commitment they can ask the DWP to review it.

Failing to accept one

What happens if the claimant fails to accept the Claimant Commitment?