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What about Live UC service claims?

Live / Gateway Claim

A claimant's benefit income will need to be converted to a monthly figure and then added together. The Universal Credit Regulations (Regulations 73) state that: 

  • Weekly payments are multiplied by 52 and divided by 12.
  • Four weekly payments are multiplied by 13 and divided by 12.
  • Three monthly payments are multiplied by 4 and divided by 12.
  • Annual payments are divided by 12. 

And where unearned income fluctuates, the monthly equivalent is to be calculated: 

  • Where there is an identifiable cycle - over the duration of one such cycle, or
  • Where there is no identifiable cycle - over three months or such other period as may, in the particular case, enable the monthly equivalent of the person's income to be determined more accurately.

From what date will the unearned income be included in the Universal Credit claim?
When the claimant (or joint claimant) is already receiving the benefit income when they make their claim for Universal Credit, then it will be included as income from the beginning of the claim.

For a Live / Gateway award, where the claimant (or joint claimant ie partner) starts receiving some benefit income whilst on Universal Credit, then the monthly equivalent will be included in the assessment at the end of the Monthly Assessment Period in which they started to receive it ie for the whole of that Monthly Assessment Period. This means that a whole month's worth of that benefit /unearned income is included in the assessment regardless of how much the claimant (or joint claimant) received.


Vinnie has been on Universal Credit for several months, with a Monthly Assessment Period running from 12th month. He is awarded Carer's Allowance paid from 25th May. His Universal Credit award is re-assessed back to the Monthly Assessment Period beginning 12th May and £279.93 (£64.60 x 52 / 12) is included as unearned income for that month, every month since and for as long as the Carer's Allowance is still in payment on the date of assessment ie at the end of the Monthly Assessment Period. (The assessment would also include a Carer's Premium for this period.)

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