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Housing Costs: Standard Letters

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Housing Related

UC HM1: Letter requesting Housing Costs element be included from start claim where tenant answered 'no' to question' do you pay rent'


How Much

Bedroom Tax / Size criteria:

UC BT1: Reconsideration size criteria - overnight carer needs bedroom

UC BT2: Reconsideration size criteria - joint tenancy non-couple - excluded from size criteria

UC BT3: Reconsideration size criteria - needs of a severely disabled child

UC BT4: Discontinued

UC BT6: Reconsideration size criteria - death run-on

UC BT7 Reconsideration size criteria - access of child would cease if no bedroom

UC BT8 Discontinued

UC BT9 Reconsideration size criteria - couple need separate bedrooms due to medical need

UC BT10 Reconsideration of size criteria - Bedroom for student studying away from home

Non-dependant deductions:

UC HC1: Request to retrospectively remove non-dep deduction when PIP daily living awarded to tenant / partner

UC HC2: Letter from tenant - non-dependant only staying on a temporary basis so not their normal home
(be aware that whilst a non-dependant is classed as living in the property as their normal home they will be allocated a bed under the size criteria rules ie for the Bedroom Tax and LHA).

UC HC3: Request to remove non-dependant deduction when non-dependant moved out but no forwarding address


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