Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
How Much: Bedroom Tax

How it works

How does the DWP work out whether a claimant has a 'spare room'?

How Much is Deducted

If under-occupying, how much UC does the claimant lose?


Which claimants are excluded from the Bedroom Tax?


What happens when someone in the household dies?

Minimising Impact

How can the claimant minimise the impact of the Bedroom Tax?

When to Challenge

When is it worth challenging a Bedroom Tax decision i.e. when might this be successful?

How to Challenge

How does the claimant challenge a Bedroom Tax decision?

Case Law

Most caselaw is HB related but this is persuasive on the DWP when making UC decisions.

Differences to HB

Many Bedroom Tax rules are different to those under HB.

Useful Tools