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Universal Credit

Universal Credit: Claims


Previously on UC?

Advice for claimants who have previously claimed UC

Who Can Claim

Who can claim Universal Credit - the key claiming criteria and more! 

Who has to claim

Under what circumstances would someone have to claim Universal Credit?

Mixed age couples

What about mixed age couples?

How to Claim

The online claim - problem areas and how to avoid them. Any alternative?

Date of claim

What about backdating, claiming in advance, when to delay a claim etc?

Existing Benefits

What happens to someone's existing benefits?


What does the claimant need to do in exchange for their UC award?

Claim Closed?

Why might a UC claim be closed?

What then?

What happens when someone claims?

Keeping a claim going

What are the challenges for claimants and what can go wrong with a claim?

Standard letters

To help you challenge decision about UC claims.