Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.

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Changes in Circumstances

UC SP1 Request Housing Cost Element as not specified accommodation

UC SP2 Informing DWP asked LA to determine if specified accommodation

UC SP3 Asking DWP to pay Housing Cost Element should LA not accept that claimant lives in ‘specified accommodation’

LCW Letters

UC LCW1: MR - date 'relevant period' should start

UC LCW1A: MR - date LCWRA should start when terminally ill

UC LCW2: MR - good cause for missing deadline to return UC50

UC LCW3: MR - good cause for not attending WCA medical

UC LCW4: MR - fit for work decision

UC LCW5: Request for income to be set to award 1p whilst being assessed for LCW

UC LCW6: MR - claimant not referred for WCA as previously found fit but relevant change in health

UC LCW7: Request for compensation where payment of LCW/LCWRA delayed

UC LCW8: Request for Work Capability Assessment

UC LCW9: Request for WCA as previous request appears to have been ingnored

HB and Universal Credit
HB UC1: Letter to HB where telling claimants who move within LA area they must claim UC

HB UC2: Letter to HB requesting HB for notice period for someone on UC/claiming UC and moving out of specified or temporary accommodation

HB UC3: Letter to HB challenging being told to claim UC when moving out of specified or temp accommodation and staying within same LA admin area

HB UC4: Request HB for UC claimant as living in specified accommodation

HB UC5 Request HB make decision on whether UC claimant is living in 'specified accommodation' or not & notify DWP

HB UC6: Request for missed Transitional Housing Payment when moved home

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