Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
UC: EEA Nationals
This course is designed for those housing workers and advisers who would like a practical understanding of which EEA Nationals can claim Universal Credit.

Learners will investigate which EEA Nationals can claim UC, the problems EEA Nationals will run into when claiming UC - including the issue of providing evidence. And look at how to help EEA Nationals challenge DWP decisions that they are not Habitually Resident.

Learners will gain the confidence they need to ask the right questions and to advise claimants appropriately.


Aimed at: Housing professionals, and advisers working with benefit claimants.

With a quick final quiz at the end so you can test yourself on what you have learned.

A basic knowledge of Universal Credit is assumed.

Due July 2020
"Learnt some really useful information on this course that will help me when advising my EEA National tenants.

"The interactive case studies brought the training to live. An excellent course that anyone in rents should take."

"Fab course - highlighting the areas where DWP can make mistakes. I now feel so much more confident when talking to my EEA national clients."

"Great course. Learnt loads, and with the tools on the website I can now offer our EEA Nationals a better service."