Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
UC: The Basics
This course is designed for those learners who want to know the basics of how Universal Credit works and what it's all about.

Learners will gain an understanding of the benefits it is replacing, who can claim it, how it's claimed, how it's paid and how it works in general.

The course will take 60-90 mins to complete with lots of case studies throughout and a quiz at the end.

Learners can then build on this knowledge by working through our other courses.
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"Learnt some really useful information on this course - feel better prepared to offer a better customer service."


"An excellent course that kept my attention from start to finish. Everything was explained clearly and the examples really helped me understand the impact.."

"I have a much better understanding of how UC works - and what can go wrong and why. But also what I can do to help my clients avoid some of the pitfalls."

"Loved the quizzes as the course went along - brought the information to life. Can't wait to take another."