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Conference 2021: Supporting UC claimants
Really looking forward to today's Conference, packed full of useful workshops and inspiring speakers, with plenty of opportunities to share and learn from other delegates.

Don't forget,  we'd love you to join us tomorrow toot 11.00am for an open forum to share ideas, and at 12.00noon for our fun quiz to test your new found knowledge.
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Welcome - Gary Vaux, Head of Money and Advice Unit, Hertfordshire County Council 
Current and future challenges

Afternoon speaker - Juliann Hall, Director of Care, Health and Wellbeing, South Yorkshire HA
Continuing support beyond Covid

Afternoon speaker Gary Vaux, Head of Money and Advice Unit, Hertfordshire County Council 
Safeguarding claimants: statutory requirements and guidelines

Our workshops are developed and delivered by our team of experts. They are informative, interactive and provoking. Each looks at real issues that are affecting UC claimants and give practical solutions to common problems to help you build a 'tool kit' of ideas and resources to use following the conference.

Delegates can attend three of the workshops below.
You will be asked for your choices after booking. At our May conference everyone was able to attend their top three choices - we're hoping we can do that this time too.

Workshop 1: 10.00am - 11.15am
Choose between: 'Getting the measure of the Transitional SDP Element and delayed PIP awards' and 'The nuts and bolts of living in Specified Accommodation'.'

Plan of Day
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9.15am Registration opens

9.30am Welcome

9.35: Speaker: Gary Vaux

10.00am Workshop 1

11.15am  Break

11.30am  Workshop 2

12.45 Lunch

1.45pm Speaker: Juliann Hall

2.05pm Speaker: Gary Vaux

2.30pm Break

2.45pm Workshop 3

4.00pm Q and A

4.30pm Thanks /Close
1A: Get the measure of the Transitional SDP Element and delayed PIP awards

The Transitional SDP Element is included in a UC award when a claimant moves onto UC and loses the Severe Disability Premium as a result. 

But what if their entitlement to the SDP is only secured after the move onto UC? 

Is it too late to get a Transitional SDP Element - which could mean an extra £285 a month?

This workshop will quickly review the TSDPE eligibility rules before considering which claimants can - and which can't - ask for the TSDPE to be included in their UC award after it has started, and how much they can expect to get. 

1B: The nuts and bolts of living in Specified Accommodation
This workshop examines which UC claimants should be classed as living in specified accommodation and what it means for them.

As well as reviewing the definition of 'specified accommodation', we will consider the lesser known rules that will apply to these UC claimants:
How much HB (in brief),
The higher work allowance,
Special rules for DHPs,
Rules around moving in and moving on.

And there will be an opportunity to discuss problem areas and to share good practice and ideas.

Workshop 2: 11.30am - 12.45pm
Choose between: 'Nail down the rules on UC for disabled workers'  and 'Get to grips with UC and students.'
2A: Nail down the rules on UC for disabled workers

How does UC work for disabled workers?

The 'permitted work' rules don't exist in UC. So what happens when a UC claimant with a Limited Capability for Work starts employment?

And what about those exiting working UC claimants who start to have health problems - can they request a Work Capability Assessment? Some can - but which ones and what impact could this have on their UC award?

The Workshop will explain which UC claimants can have earnings with a Limited Capability for Work, and how to ensure the DWP are applying the rules correctly. 


2B: Get to grips with UC and students

The rules on studying and UC are complex. This means that often those in education are refused UC when they could in fact claim.

In this workshop we'll outline the rules both for non-advanced and advanced students, as well as considering apprenticeships and training programmes.

This Workshop will help you hammer out poor decisions by the DWP by providing you with the information you need to spot and challenge mistakes.



Workshop 3: 2.45pm - 4.00pm
Choose between: 'Unlock the LCW problem areas' and 'Spotlight on UC sanctions'.
3A: Unlock the LCW problem areas
This Workshop will explain how the Limited Capability for Work rules work for UC claimants, pointing out the common mistakes and providing hints and tips on navigating them. Topics covered include:
Moving onto UC from ESA,
Problems getting the UC50,
Getting the LCW period started,
The 'relevant period' and when it doesn't apply,
Missing back payments due to errors.
Find out how to help claimants avoid the pitfalls and receive their full entitlement.

3B: Spotlight on UC Sanctions

Did you know there is no time limit to challenge a sanction?

This information packed Workshop will quickly review why a claimant may get sanctioned before looking at:

Impact of sanctions.
Making sure a claimant commitment is realistic.
Awareness of the DWP’s duty to make allowances for vulnerable claimants.
How long should a sanction last.
How and when to challenge one.
How to get more details about a sanction.
Hardship payments