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Help for Homeowners

Please note this section does NOT cover help with housing costs for Universal Credit claimants: it only covers help through legacy benefits and Pension Credit.

If the person you are advising is in receipt of Universal Credit please click here

Click on the links below for a guide to the benefits that a person can claim to help towards the housing costs in home ownership, including shared equity / shared ownership, freehold and long leasehold schemes; and details about who can get help, how much, what with and when.


Help with mortgage interest and for certain loans that have been taken out for essential improvements/repairs to the property, are now paid by a government loan (called "an SMI loan") rather than as an addition to the claimant's benefit. The loan is secured as a charge against the property, and accrues interest.

Main Principles

The basics of help with housing costs for home owners.

Who Cannot Get Help

Who is excluded from help via the loan?

Who Can Get Help

Who is eligible for SMI?

How Much Help

How much can someone get?

Waiting Period

When will they receive the payments?

Does it have to be repaid?

Will the claimant have to re-pay the help they have received?

Shared Equity / Ownership

What help is available for partial owners?

Mortgage Interest Run-on

Mortgage interest payments when the claimant returns to work.

Claiming Help

How does someone claim the help they are entitled to?

Case Law & Guidance

The case law and guidance related to help with housing costs.

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