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Situation: Which Students Can Claim HB?
Most full time students are unable to claim HB, as  HB Regulation 56 treats them as not liable to make rental payments.

However, if the claimant is a student they will be able to receive HB if they:

  • Are not required to claim Universal Credit instead.
  • Are already on a passport benefit as a student ie getting - Income Support, Income-Related Employment and Support Allowance, Income-Based Jobseeker's Allowance, Universal Credit and living in 'specified accommodation', or Guarantee Pension Credit (but note there are limitations on which students can claim these benefits - click here for more information), or
  • Are studying part time, or
  • Are a lone parent, or
  • Are a disabled student, or
  • Are Pension Credit age, or
  • Are under 21 and on a full time course of non-advanced education, OR under 22 and on such a course since before their 21st birthday, or
  • Are a member of a student couple with child/ren, or
  • Have a partner who is not a student (in which case the partner has to make the HB claim for both of them). 

NOTE: Just because a student is able to claim HB doe not necessarily mean that they will be entitled - this will depend on their circumstances and income - click here to find out more.

Click on the links below for more information.

On a Passport Benefit

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Studying Part Time

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Lone Parent

Which lone parent students can claim?

'Disabled' Students

Which disabled students can claim?

Pension Credit Age

Students who are Pension Credit Age.

Non-Advanced Education

What is this and which students in it can claim?


Special rules for some students.

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