Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Changes In Circumstances: Standard Letters

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Changes in Circumstances
UC CC1: Late Notification of a Beneficial Change in Circumstances

UC CC2: Award of a relevant benefit - request for back pay

UC CC3: Complaint that request for WCA has been ignored

UC CC4: LW LCWRA element not paid from correct date - request for back pay


LCW Letters

UC LCW1: MR - date 'relevant period' should start

UC LCW1A: MR - date LCWRA should start when terminally ill

UC LCW2: MR - good cause for missing deadline to return UC50

UC LCW3: MR - good cause for not attending WCA medical

UC LCW4: MR - fit for work decision

UC LCW5: Request for income to be set to award 1p whilst being assessed for LCW

UC LCW6: MR - claimant not referred for WCA as previously found fit but relevant change in health

UC LCW7: Request for compensation where payment of LCW/LCWRA delayed

UC LCW8: Request for Work Capability Assessment

UC LCW9: Request for WCA as previous request appears to have been ingnored

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