Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
How Much: Income

  • Where the claimant is on a passport benefit any income is totally ignored and they are entitled to their Maximum HB. Passport benefits are: Guarantee Pension Credit, Income Support, Income-Related Employment and Support Allowance, Income-Based Jobseekers Allowance and Universal Credit for those living in 'specified accommodation'.
  • The rule for all other claimants is that they will only be awarded HB if their (and any partner's) income is low enough.
  • For couples you need to add together their total assessable income. But any income a child or non-dependant has is totally ignored.
  • Some types of income count, whilst others are totally disregarded, and some have a partial disregard - click on the link below.
  • For claimants on Savings Pension Credit (and no Guarantee Pension Credit) the HB Office have to use the income figure as calculated by the Pension Service.
  • If the claimant (or partner) deprives themselves of income or fails to avail themselves of available income then they may be treated as possessing it - called notional income - click on the link below.
  • Income can include:
    • Earnings
    • Benefits (with special rules for Tax Credit income)
    • Other income such as pensions, student finance
    • 'Tariff' income from savings.

Click on the links below to fin out more and/or use our HB Calculator to find out how much someone will get.

How it Works

The basics to how the HB Office assess a claimant's income

Whose Income Counts?

Is it just the claimant's income that counts?


How earnngs are assessed, and what disregards can apply.

Benefit Income

Which are counted, which not and which have partial disregards.

Tax Credits

Special rules for Tax Credit income.

Other Income

What about pensions, rent etc?

Nil Income

What if the claimant currently has no income? & how long can HB be paid on this basis?

Notional Income

What is it and how is it worked out.

Student Income

For those students who can claim HB how is their student income assessed?

On Pension Credit

What rules apply when on Pension Credit?