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Universal Credit: Claims

Who Can Claim

Find out who can claim Universal Credit as it rolls out across GB. The key eligibility criteria and extra rules for special groups: Students, Prisoners, People from Abroad, 16 & 17 year olds. 

How to Claim

Claims are made on-line, with limited telephone support. Ensure rent is covered. Find out the differences between claiming via the Digital Service.


Not everyone can claim yet- find out who and where. When is the date of claim not the date claimed? Should a claim be delayed? Can you claim in advance? Can claims be backdated?

Waiting Days

7 extra waiting days with no entitlement to UC apply by default when someone claims, unless they can show their circumstances mean this shouldn't apply. What to do if they are applied wrongly.

Help Available

"Universal Support" is slowly being rolled out across GB for claiming / personal budgeting support. Meanwhile help may be available elsewhere. And how can you help?

Considers when a claim for Universal Credit could be ended and what happens.