Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Universal Credit: Claims

Who Can Claim

Find out who can claim Universal Credit as it rolls out across GB. 

People from Abroad

Special rules for people who are classed as a person from abroad.

How to Claim

Claims are made on-line - what information does the claimant need to make the claim and problem areas.


Not everyone can claim yet- find out who and where. What about backdating, claiming in advance etc?

Waiting Days

What are they and what to do if they are applied wrongly.

Help Available

What help is available and what can you do?

Keeping a claim going

What are the challenges for claimants and what can go wrong with a claim?

Ending a claim

Considers when a claim for Universal Credit could be ended and what happens.

Escaping the lobster pot

Who can escape the lobster and what they should think about before they do.

6 month rule

What is the six month rule and who does it apply to?

Being treated as a couple?

What should someone do if the DWP think they have a partner?

Standard letters

To help you challenge decision about UC claims.