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How Much
HM1: LHA- Letter requesting exemption from Shared Accommodation Rate 25-35 yr old

HM2: Discontinued

HM3: ESA claimant - requesting HB Office apply transitional addition to HB / CTS when transferred to ESA

HM4: Discontinued

HM5: Letter to DWP / Jobcentre where included overpaid WTC as income

HM6: Letter to HB when used full Tax Credit award as income even though actual TC payment less due to recovery of TC overpayment from previous year

HM7: Letter to HB asking them to take essential expenses off earnings when calculating HB

HM8: Letter to HB re definition of 'sheltered' accommodation for communal fuel / cleaning charges

HM9: Letter to HB when making gardening / landscaping charge ineligible 

HM10: Request for Extended Payment / Run On of HB

HM11: Letter to HB when delay in assessment due to awaiting Tax Credit award

HM12: Letter to HB as included Tax Credit backpayment as income

HM13: Letter to HB when included Tax Credit arrears as income because paid in with on-going Tax Credit payments

HM14: Request that HB be increased from date that circs changed, not date notified, when notified late

HM15: Appeal against being treated as having notional capital due to excessive expenditure

HM16: Letter to HMRC when refused WTC as 'normal hours' below required.

HM17: Letter to HB - not overpaid where actual earnings exceed estimated

HM18: Request for backdated DHP

HM19: Request for severe disability premium in DWP means tested benefit

HM20: Request for severe disability premium in Housing Benefit

HM21: Request to review decision to recover DHP

HM22: Request to pay as eligible communal water charge on sheltered / supported housing scheme


Non-Dependant Deductions
ND1: Letter to HB as non-dependant moved in for temp stay

ND2: Letter to HB as non-dependant only temp stay

ND3: Letter to HB as taking non-dependant deduction from date non-dep awarded main phase rather than date it started being paid

ND4: Letter to HB as taking non-dependant deduction when non-dependant moved out

ND5: Letter to HB as taking highest non-dependant deduction when non-deps earnings unlikely to be very high

ND6: Letter to HB as taking highestnon-dependant deduction when non-dep not working full time

ND7: Letter to HB as taking highest non-dependant deduction when non-dep not working

ND8: Letter to HB as taking full non-dependant deduction when non-dep turns 18 up to date info on income provided

ND9: Letter to HB requesting lowest deduction where non-dep off work sick / on maternity leave> 

ND10: Request to revise decision to increase / apply non-dep deduction for 26 weeks from change - age 65+

ND11: Letter to HB as taking non-dep deduction where non-dep is under 25 on Income-Based JSA which is being sanctioned

ND12: Letter to HB as taking deduction for non-dep aged under 25, on UC, but sanctioned to nil.

ND13: Request for Non-Dep Deduction to be reduced as joint tenant has a Housing Cost Contribution in UC award


Bedroom Tax
BT1: Need for extra bedroom due to non-household carer

BT2: Need for extra bedroom due to need for non-household carer for child following Supreme Court

BT3: Need for extra bedroom due to overnight needs of severely disabled child from Dec 2013

BT4: Couple who need separate bedrooms due to disability following Supreme Court decision

BT5: Extra bedroom needed for carer of family member

BT6: Bedroom needed for student

BT7: Bedroom needed due to having access/joint custody of a child or young person - should be deemed to be living in two homes

BT7A: Bedroom needed due to having access/joint custody of a child or young person - without bedroom would lose custody / access

BT8: Room too small and/or other factors which makes it unsuitable to be used as a bedroom

BT9: Bedroom not able to be used as a bedroom due to change in use related to a member of the claimant's household' disability

BT10: Exemption under 1996 rules

BT11: Exemption under 1996 rules where succeeded tenancy

BT12: Living in exempt accommodation

BT13: Living in temporary accommodation

BT14: Discontinued

BT15: Protection on death

BT16: Protection on death should apply where 'spare' bedroom due to different change in circs

BT17: 13 week protection

BT18: Not to recover DHP following exemption under 1996 rules


Benefit Cap
BC1: Revision of decision that benefit cap should be applied

BC2: Request exclusion from benefit cap as change of circumstances

BC3: Request benefit cap not be applied during 'grace period'

BC4: Request extended housing payment calculated as pre cap amount

BC5: Cap where liable for two homes, one is 'specified accommodation'

BC6: Request benefit cap be lifted- welfare benefits reduced

BC7: Letter to HMRC re normal hours worked- for working tax credit


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