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What if the DWP, after agreeing to the APA Managed Payment pay all of the Universal Credit award to the tenant?

We are aware that due to the occasional system malfunction the DWP, even where they have agreed to pay an APA Managed Payment to the landlord, have paid the whole of the Universal Credit award to the claimant.

It is our view that the amount of the payment that should have been made to the landlord has been paid to the claimant in error and outside the Universal Credit Regulations.

The DWP should, therefore, make the correct payment to the landlord.  Please see Standard Letter UCMP4.

Where the DWP refuse to do so the landlord will need to make a complaint and pursue compensation for maladministration - click here

We also believe that the additional payment made to the claimant was made outside of the Universal Credit Regulations it cannot be classed as an overpayment of Universal Credit - and therefore cannot be recovered from them by reducing their on-going entitlement.

If you are having problems with this issue please contact us - info@housingsystems.co.uk.

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