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Online workshop: UC Managed Migration


The DWP have now embarked of the final stage of the roll out of Universal Credit – managed migration. We know that Tax Credit-only claimants across GB have started to receive Migration Notices.
What impact might this have and what do you need to do to prepare and provide the best advice to support your customers? For those that have to claim, timing can be crucial to maximising their award.
This online half day course doesn’t just look at the migration process and avoiding the pitfalls, it also investigates the opportunities for maximising a migrating claimant’s UC award and the longer-term implications for those entitled to transitional protection. 
It equips delegates with the practical knowledge they need to help their Tax Credit only customers navigate successfully the move onto UC through managed migration. 
Aimed at Benefit Advisers, Income Officers, Financial Inclusion Officers, Money Advisers and anyone who works with Tax Credit only claimants. 
  • How the managed migration process works
  • Time limits & missing the deadline
  • Transitional protection - who and how much
  • Transitional protection - erosion and loss
  • Maximising transitional protection
  • Special rules for some Tax Credit claimants
  • Maximising UC award  - Is there a best date to claim UC?
  • Potential problems 
  • How to prepare customers and implications for landlords.


Half Day - Intermediate

An basic understanding of the legacy benefit system and UC will be assumed.



Tuesday 28th November 9.30am - 1.00pm      FULLY BOOKED

Tuesday 12th December 9.30am - 1.00pm

Wednesday 10th January 9.30am - 1.00pm

Just £79+vat per delegate:


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Designed to be engaging, informative and interactive, the training session enables participants to gain a deeper understanding of the topic area.

With a maximum of 16 on each session, participants have the opportunity to delve into some of the current issues affecting claimants so that they are able to offer appropriate help and advice.


Book this session to be delivered in-house for up to 16 delegates 

£595+vat for half day online / £1190+vat for the full day online (for subscribers)

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Thank You!

"Really interesting course - so much more to think about than I had thought. The information I learnt today will really help my tenants. Thank You! ”

Great Course

“Great course! Booked on when I heard managed migration is due to start again across GB."