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On-line Workshop: Transitional SDP Element

The SDP Gateway was in place up to 27th January 2021.
It had prevented certain severely disabled claimants from making a new claim for Universal Credit.

It was put into place to ensure that claimants getting the severe disability premium in a 'legacy benefit' do not end up worse off having transferred to UC under natural migration.

However, since 27th January 2021 these claimants have been able to claim UC and many may be entitled to a new Transitional SDP Element that will be included when their UC is assessed. But who gets it, how much, and is it affected by a change in circumstances / benefit uprating?

This workshop answers all these questions,. It looks at what this change means for disabled claimants, and how the Transitional SDP Element works. It will give participants the information they need to give accurate advice to claimants affected by this change.


Implications of the SDP Gateway ending
The Transitional SDP Element
Who can get it?
How much?
How does it work?
What if the SDP is awarded retrospectively?
How is it affected by a change in circumstances?
Why a claimant may not see any increase in their UC award

Led by experts, this workshop is one in our range of online workshops that explore the detail of current Universal Credit  'hot topics'.

Designed to be engaging, informative and interactive, the workshop enables participants to gain a deeper understanding of the topic area.

The workshop will last 3 hours, and will include a presentation, Q&A session, exercises to reinforce learning, discussion of useful tools and an action plan.

With a maximum of 16 on each workshop, participants have the opportunity to delve into some of the current issues affecting UC claimants so that they are able to offer appropriate help and advice.


Book this session to be delivered in-house for up to 16 delegates for £595+vat. Interested? email us at training@housingsystems.co.uk


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