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Conference: Navigating Pensioner Benefits

Join us to delve into some of the more complex areas of Pensioner Benefits

Tuesday 23rd July 2024, 9.30am - 4.30pm

Price: Just £95+vat per delegate (or book three places for £250+vat)


This Conference will provide the practical knowledge needed to help Mixed Age Couples and
State Pension age claimants navigate the benefits system.


Hear about the latest changes to affect pensioners, attend three informative workshops,
build a toolkit of resources and share ideas and experiences.

You'll also have the opportunity to pose any questions to our panel of experts.

See the full plan below.

Any questions? Please email: training@ucnotes.co.uk

Get booked on please call: 01756 796394

Comments from our previous Conference:

"Such an informative conference with useful, real life scenarios which make sense!" 
"Great insight - not too basic, got to the real nub of practical issues." 
"Really helpful in understanding the process and potential issues that we need to look out for."

Conference opens: 9.30am

9.30am: Welcome from chair
Welcome from Peter Barker, the conference chair.

9.35am: Setting the scene

Get your devices ready to join in on our quiz to review and refresh some key facts about pensioner benefits.

10.00am: Changes ahead for some
HMRC want to close down Tax Credit at the end of the current tax year. For those pensioners that receive Tax Credits - whether Working Tax Credits or Child Tax Credit - it means that these claimants will become part of the Migration process. 

In this presentation we will look at:

- which pensioners are affected

- what they will be expected to do and when

- who will be offered Universal Credit as an alternative

10.40am: BREAK
11.00am: Workshop 1

Choose between:

1A: Driving Forward: Working Age to Pension Age Benefits

In this workshop we explore how turning State Pension age affects working age claimants' benefits. Topics include:

- Becoming a mixed age couples - who can stay on the legacy benefit system, what about MACs already on UC?

- Personal Independence Payment - getting a new component added after turning 66

- Universal Credit - moving onto Pension Credit and Housing Benefit

- Time limits and process for claiming State Pension age benefits

- Carers Allowance and potential impact on the person being cared for

We look at the risks, the pitfalls and the opportunities that face these claimants.  


1B: Tax Credit pensioners - destination UC?

This workshop will build on the information from earlier in the morning. It explores the options and risks for those pensioners receiving Tax Credits who will become part of the migration process.

We'll look at:

- who will be offered Pension Credit / who will be offered UC

- the risks and implications

- who will get Transitional Protection (and who won't)

- special rules introduced for these claimants.




12.15pm: LUNCH
1.00pm: Workshop 2
Choose between: 

2A: Charting the Course for State Pension age Carers

In this workshop we examine which pensioners could be missing out on carers benefits. 

We will look at:

- who is eligible for Carers Allowance/Carer Support Payment

- who has, and what it means to have an 'underlying entitlement'

- the impact on Pension Credit

- which couples can have a double SDP and a double Carers Premium. 


2B: Becoming a Mixed Age Couple - the best route

This workshop will investigate the options for couples when they become a mixed age couple:

- can they stay on the legacy benefit system (for now)?

- what if they've received a Migration Notice: timing of their claim will be crucial! 

Using case studies, we will explain the rules and examine what options a mixed age couple has to maximise income and avoid preventable loss of income (which could be over £500 a month!).


2.15pm: BREAK
2.35pm: Workshop 3

Choose between: 

3A: Housing Benefit - the relevant bits

This workshop considers the Housing Benefit rules that are particularly relevant for State Pension age claimants so that accurate advice can be given.

This course will take learners through key topics such as:

- who is a protected mixed age couple?

- the savings/capital rules - what if someone has a house to sell?

- how absences from home affects an award and

- when a pensioner can claim HB even though they have over £16,000 in savings.


3B: Mixed Age Couples - maximising Universal Credit

This workshop explores the areas where Mixed Age Couples on UC could be missing out.

We will look at:

- Which pensioners should be 'treated as' having a LCW / LCWRA

- Which pensioners can have a Work Capability Assessment and the impact this can have on the couples award

- How making the claim for UC before they become a Mixed Age Couple can maximise their UC award.


3.50pm: Q & A Panel
4.30pm: Close