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Conference: Spotlight on Managed Migration

Join us to find out all about Managed Migration

Date: Wednesday 28th February 2024, 9.30am - 4.30pm FULLY BOOKED

Extra date: Wednesday 6th March 2014, 9.30am - 4.30pm

Price: Just £125+vat per delegate (or book three places for £295+vat)

This Conference will provide the practical knowledge needed to help claimants navigate the move to UC through the Managed Migration process.

Hear the latest from the DWP, attend two informative workshops, build a toolkit of resources and share ideas and experiences.
You'll also have the opportunity to pose any questions to our panel of experts.

See the full plan below.

Any questions? Please email: training@ucnotes.co.uk

Quick plan of day:

See below for more details

9.30am     Welcome

9.35am     Managed Migration Process
9.50am     DWP - Managed Migration for 2024/25
10.20am   Transitional Protection
11.00am   Break
11.15am   Workshop1: Wheel of fortune, choose between
                   Minimising Risk
                   Calculating the Transitional Element
12.45pm    Lunch
1.30pm     Workshop 2: Play Your Cards Right, choose between:
                   Maximising Entitlement
                   The tricky bits through case studies
3.00pm     Break
3.15pm     Citizens Advice, Help to Claim - Experiences so far
3.45pm     Q and A
4.30pm     Close

Conference opens: 9.30am

9.30am: Welcome from chair
Welcome from Peter Barker, the conference chair.

9.35am: Managed Migration Process
This session looks at the Managed Migration process including:

- who will (and who won't) be receiving a Migration Notice

- the time limits and getting an extension

- what happens if a claim isn't made by 'deadline day'

- when will someone's legacy benefits end?

- what happens next.

9.50am: The latest from the DWP: Plans for 2024
Tanya Hodnett
Department for Work and Pensions, Head of Stakeholder Engagement, Universal Credit Programme

Tanya will be joining us to outline the plans from April 2024 and also explore the lessons learnt so far.
10.20am: Transitional Protection

This session examines the three different protections available to those moving onto UC through the Managed Migration process including:

- what the three different Transitional Protections are

- who will (and who won't) be entitled

- the importance of making a successful first claim

- how long it will last: erosion and loss

11.00am: BREAK
11.15am: Workshop 1 - Chose between
Choose between: 'Minimising Risk' and 'Calculating the Transitional Element'.

1A: Minimising Risk / Impact

Moving onto UC through the Managed Migration process will, for many, be a daunting prospect. The UC system will be very different to the system they have been used to and present new challenges. This workshop examines some of the risks, potential impacts and considers whether and how they can be minimised. It will look at:

minimising gaps in entitlement

- understanding UC requirements: conditionality and sanctions

- getting prepared: untidy tenancies, HB overpayments

who will be worse off (even with Transitional Protection. 


1B: Calculating the Transitional Element

This workshop is for those advisers who will be checking whether a claimants Transitional Element has be assessed correctly. It outlines how the DWP work out a migrating claimant's Transitional Element.

This isn't as simple as comparing the legacy benefits in payment with the claimant's first UC award.

This workshop will look at:

- the claimant's 'Total Legacy' amount

- their 'Indicative UC amount'

- special rules for certain groups

- who won't be protected even though worse off on UC.

A working knowledge of how legacy benefits and UC are calculated will be assumed.

12.45pm: LUNCH
1.30pm: Workshop 2

Choose between: 'Maximising Entitlement' and 'Case Study Review'.

2A: Maximising Entitlement

This workshop explores the initial award of UC. It investigates the common errors that can occur - how to prevent them and how to challenge them. As well as the opportunities due to the differences between the legacy benefit system and UC.

- timing the UC claim: to maximise entitlement and minimise impact on any Transitional Protection

- working claimants: the work allowance, childcare costs, the carer element

- moving onto UC from ESA: what should and shouldn't happen


2B: Case Study Review

This workshop - for those benefits advisers and others advising claimants moving onto UC through the Managed Migration process - takes a deep dive into some key areas by reviewing a series of case studies.

Issues considered will include:

- the timing of the claim

- maximising the UC award

retrospective changes.

A good knowledge of the legacy benefit and UC systems will be assumed.

3.00pm: BREAK
3.15pm: Speaker: Experiences so far
Helen Walpole and Lawrence Barratt, 
Citizens Advice, Help to Claim

Helen and Lawrence will outline the Help to Claim service, and share their experiences so far with supporting those manage migrating onto Universal Credit.

3.45pm: Q & A Panel
4.30pm: Close