Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Monthly Quiz: December 2020

This month it's all about the resources you have on the HS website!

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This month's 2 competition questions are about being paid wages early for Christmas.

Some working UC claimants are paid their wages early for Christmas.
This often means that 2 payments of wages fall within 1 UC monthly assessment period (then none in the next MAP)
The UC Regulations have been amended - this means that some claimants can have their UC re-assessed, so that only 1 wage is counted in each MAP.


1. The change in the Regulations only applies to workers who receive their wages once a month - True or False?
2. Claimants who are worse off because of this will need to make a request for this - the computer system won't pick this up automatically - True or False?

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