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Monthly Quiz: May 2019

This month was all about Large families, the Benefit Cap and UC ........


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This month's quiz question is.....

A large family who are affected by the Benefit Cap are asking for advice.
They currently receive Child Benefit, Child Tax Credit, Income Based Jobseeker's Allowance, Council Tax Support and (due to the Cap) Housing Benefit of 50p per week. They do not receive any other benefits.
They are moving to a rented property in a different local authority area.

Which of the answers below would be the correct advice for them?

Statement A:
As they are moving to a different local authority area, their only option is to claim Universal Credit. They will probably be worse off due to the way the Benefit Cap works under UC. 

Statement B:
They should consider their options carefully. They do not have to claim Universal Credit. They could be better off financially if they continue with their legacy benefits without any HB.

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