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Monthly Quiz: April 2019

This month was all about EEA Nationals and UC ........


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This month's quiz question is.....

An EEA National can claim Universal Credit, if they are in Genuine and Effective work. Which of the statements below is true?

Statement A:
To be in 'genuine and effective work' the EEA National must have worked for at least three months with earnings over £166 a week. If they haven't then any UC claim will be refused.

Statement B:
An EEA National who has been in work for three months or more, earning £166 a week on average or more will automatically count as being in 'genuine and effective work'. But where they have only recently started work or their earnings are less than this, then the DWP must go on to consider whether the work is genuine and effective and not just refuse benefit.

Statement C:
To be in 'genuine and effective work' the EEA National must be in full time work ie 35 hours a week work with a contact of employment lasting 12 months or more.

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