Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Monthly Quiz: April 2017
This month we looked at the Additional Earnings Disregard for working HB claimants - what happens when they are off work and on maternity leave?

Find the answer here.

Jayne Cooper and her colleague Teresa Elliott joined forces to enter and their answer was the first correct answer picked out at random to win £50 for their local food bank- and a box of chocolates to share.  They nominated New Life Church Foodbank in Congleton.

This month’s question was:

Should the £17.10 Housing Benefit '16/30 hour Additional Earnings Disregard' be included in a HB assessment when the claimant is on maternity leave?

1. Never - as not classed as being in remunerative work.
2. As long as the claimant is intending to return to work of 30 hours a week.
3. Only where the 30 hour Element is included in their Working Tax Credit award.
4. Yes - as long as they were getting it before going on maternity leave and intend to return to work.

 The answer is 3. Only where the 30 hours Element is included in their Working tax Credit award.