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Child Element
A Child Element is included in a claimant's maximum Universal Credit when their entitlement to UC is assessed for each child under 16 or qualifying young person(see below) :

  • for whom the claimant (or claimants if a couple) is responsible, and 
  • who normally lives with them, and
  • for whom they are entitled to a Child Element-  ie where entitlement is not limited by the two child limit.

How Much is the Child Element?

The amount included in the claimant's Universal Credit assessment where they are responsible for a child / young person is, on 2023/24 rates: 

Child Element


Protected first child^


    ^The higher 'first' Child Element will not be given to claimants whose eldest child in their UC award is born on or after 6th April 2017.


A 'child' is a child under 16.

'Qualifying Young Person'

A 'qualifying young person' is a young person:

  • Up to the 1st September following their 16th birthday or
  • Up to the 1st September following their 19th birthday, as long as they have enrolled on or been accepted for full time (12 hours or more a week), non-advanced education or approved training*, and - if they are 19 - they started or enrolled on the course/training before their 19th birthday.