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Coronavirus: What's Changed - Child Benefit Claims
Child Benefit Claims

Registering a birth

General Register Offices are open again, so anyone needing to register the birth of a new baby should now be able to do so.


In the past, due to lockdown, Register Offices were either closed or running a limited service. So a temporary measure was put in place that allowed new parents to claim Child Benefit without having to register their child’s birth first.


First time parents need to fill in Child Benefit claim form CH2, found online and send it to the Child Benefit Office. If they haven’t registered the birth because of COVID-19, they should add a note with their claim to this effect.


Note: Child Benefit claims can be backdated by up to 3 months.


If they already receive Child Benefit for another child/children, they can complete the form or add their new-born's details over the phone on 0300 200 3100. They will need their National Insurance number or Child Benefit number.


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Summer exams 2021

The Child Benefit Regulations were amended to ensure that the 'terminal date' remained the same as it would have been if this summer's external exams had not been cancelled.

In the final year of payment, provided the young person the claimant was responsible for was in education after 31 May, claimants continued to receive Child Benefit until 31 August, unless a relevant change of circumstances occured. If the regulations had not been amended, many claimants would have lost Child Benefit from 31 May due to there being no exams. The amendment ensured that entitlement continued up to 31 August.