Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Welfare Reform Changes
Multiple Welfare Reforms have been implemented since 2011 - and they continue. Check out what's happening by year or by subject matter in the subheadings - they can have dramatic impacts on claimants and their families.

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What has happened year by year?

Benefit Cap Reduction

What's the new level, who is affected and by how much?

Breathing Space Scheme

An overview of the Breathing Space scheme (also known as the Debt Respite Scheme).

Unfit for Work

ESA "WRAG" component & UC "LCW" element scrapped.

Pension Credit age

What is Pension Credit age and how's it changing? 

Pension Credit changes

Many changes to Pension Credit.

PIP changes

Upper Tribunal decisions that changed PIP.

SMI changes

Support for Mortgage Interest payments changes.

two child limit

No help for 3rd child under UC, HB, Tax Credits - in some situations...

Supported housing

What have the government planned for supported housing? 

Abolition of Tax Credits

Who's affected by this change?

Scottish devolved benefits

A timeline of Scottish devolved benefits.