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TE Erosion Calculator
A Transitional Element can be included a claimant's UC award where they are either entitled to a Transitional Element through managed migration or a Transitional SDP Element (because they were previously on IR-ESA, IS or IB-JSA that included a Severe Disability Premium.

It is a set amount in for their first UC Assessment Period can be eroded or lost completely by certain changes in the claimant's circumstances from their second Assessment Period.

To work out how a change / changes in a claimant's circumstances effects their TE and/or their maximum UC award use the calculator below.

Our Mapping Tools
We have devised five mapping tools to help you find your way through the UC maze:

  • Who has to claim UC - the triggers
  • Better off on UC? Tool for Advisers
  • Transitional SDP Element erosion calculator
  • Which EEA Nationals can claim UC
  • Which students can claim UC

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