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  • Most (but not all) students in full-time advanced education cannot claim Universal Credit.

  • Part time students may qualify for Universal Credit.

  • Some full time students may qualify - but how much they get, if any, depends on their income and circumstances.

  • Click here for who counts as a student for UC purposes, and which students can claim.

  • Student loans and some grants count as income, but usually only during the academic year. More information here.

  • Students who are eligible to claim UC will be subject to full conditionality (all work related requirements) unless:
    • They are under 21 (or 21 and turned 21 on their course) in full-time, non-advanced education and have no parental support, or
    • They are in receipt of a student income which is taken into account for Universal Credit calculation purposes but only for the periods the student income is included as income in the claim, or
    • They are receiving education, are entitled to Universal Credit because they are a member of a couple, and they have student income taken into account in the calculation of their Universal Credit award or 
    • They fit into one of the other 3 conditionality groups because of other circumstances- such as a student who is a lone parent with a child under three, and disabled students.

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