Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.

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UC G1: Confirmation of claimant's agreement when viewing / amending journal

Explicit Consent:

UC G2: Authorisation to disclose information

Reasonable Adjustments:

UC G3: Request for reasonable adjustments

Complex Needs:

UC G4: Request for complex needs to be taken account of


Challenging Decisions

Challenging Decisions:

UC CD1: Request for a mandatory reconsiderationl

UC CD2: Request for a late mandatory reconsideration

UC CD3: Request to revise refusal of late mandatory reconsideration request

UC CD4: Letter accompanying appeal form SSC1 to HMCTS, where mandatory reconsideration refused

UC CD5: Request to apply discretion (where no right of appeal)

Suspensions and Terminations:

UC CD10: Request for mandatory reconsideration where claim terminated

Claim closed

UC CD16: Request for mandatory reconsideration of a fit for work decision

UC CD19: Request mandatory reconsideration - claim closed as 'late' for interview


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