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How it Works: Migration
How it Works: Managed Migration

‘Managed migration’ is the final phase of the rollout of Universal Credit, when the DWP will - in a controlled way - contact those who are still claiming legacy benefits to notify them that those benefits will be ending and invite them to claim Universal Credit instead.

The DWP began testing the managed migration process in Harrogate - called the 'Move to UC' pilot. This pilot started on 24th July 2019 but was suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Managed migration has re-started from 9th May 2022 - but on a small scale to begin with. Following this 'discovery phase' there will be an expansion in geographical areas and numbers. The target is to complete managed migration by the end of 2024. 

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Key Facts

Quick summary.

Who and when

The planned time-frame and who will be migrated.

The Process

The steps for Managed Migration.

Time Limits

The relevant notice periods that apply to Managed Migration.

First Payment

How the First Payment is administered.

Existing Benefits

How timing of Managed Migration affects existing benefits.

Transitional Protection

What is it and who can get it?


What do the terms mean?

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