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How does a Representative get information from the DWP?
A "representative" - including a landlord requiring information other than that which they are entitled to know under Data Sharing agreements - will only be able to get information from the DWP about a claimant if the claimant has given Explicit Consent for them to obtain this information / discuss the claim on their behalf. (With the exception of Live Service claimants when Implicit consent is accepted.

Normally when a representative needs to discuss a specific problem  the DWP will normally try to put them through to the person in change of the claimant's case- their Case Manager.
There are 4 pieces of unique identifying criteria which enable the Department to route the call appropriately.  These are:
  • the telephone number the claimant has registered with Universal Credit
  • their post code
  • the first line of their address
  • their date of birth.

Where the representative is requesting written information they can use a Data Access Request form.

The DWP says "the form when completed will satisfy DWP that someone agrees that either all or some of their information can be released." 

The completed form should be sent to:
Right of Access Gateway Team
Post Handling Site A
WV98 2EF

As this is a request under GDPR Access to Data regulations the information should be provided within a calendar month. A link to the form plus more from gov.uk on requesting personal data here.

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