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Elements: Transitional SDP Element

An additional element can be included in a claimant's Universal Credit assessment where they:

  • Were on Income-Related ESA / Income Support / Income-Based JSA before making a claim for UC, and 
  • That award included the Severe Disability Premium for them, and
  • They still met the conditions for the SDP when they claimed UC

Where a claimant is entitled to a Transitional SDP Element this will be added to all the other Elements the claimant is entitled to when working out their Maximum UC award.

The Transitional SDP Element can be brought to an end, the amount will be eroded over time and can be eroded or wiped out altogether by certain changes in circumstances.

The rules are complex - for more information click here.

Not to be confused with the Transitional Element that is given to some claimants who are managed migrated onto UC which has a different set of rules.


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