Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Housing Costs: Main Principles

What's Covered?

What are the 'payment condition' - paying 'rent', 'owner occupier charges',  'service charges'? - find out exactly which payments can be covered.


What is the 'occupation condition'? And what if the claimant is temporarily absent? Find out more about these rules here.

Service Charges

Find out which service charges are eligible to be covered by Universal Credit for those living in social housing and home ownership.

Size Criteria

To work out if the claimant is subject to a Bedroom Tax reduction (social housing) or LHA Cap (private rented).

Non-dependant Deductions

Deductions can be made with the help given with the claimant's rent if they have someone age 21 or over living with them - find out more.

Who cannot get help

Some claimants - whilst liable for rent for the home where they live - will not be entitled to help with their housing costs - find out who.

18-21 Year Olds

What were the rules for 18-21 year olds and the Housing Costs Element between 1st April 2017 & 1st Jan 2019?