Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Claims: How to Claim


Registering intention to claim

Who can register an intention to claim and why would they do it?


How do couples claim UC?

Claiming Online

Find out how people claim Universal Credit online.

'Offline' claims

In limited circumstances a claimant may be able to make an 'offline' claim for UC.

From Hospital

Hints and tips for making a new claim for Universal Credit from hospital.

No bank account

Someone without a bank account can still make a claim for UC.

New Claim Interview

What happens at the New Claim Interview?

Claimant Commitment

Every claimant must accept a Claimant Commitment in order to be entitled to Universal Credit.

ID Verification

What documents are needed and what happens if the claimant fails to verify their ID?

Information & Evidence

What information and evidence will the claimant need to provide?


Checklists to help ensure a successful claim is made.


Who can make a rapid re-claim for UC?


Mental Capacity

What about claimants who lack capacity?

Help Available

What help is available to ensure  a successful claim is made.