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Claims: Date of Claim


  • The claimant's date of claim is usually the date on which the DWP receive the claimant's online claim. For online claims this means the date the claimant hits the 'Submit' button - as confirmed by case law.

  • Where it is a couple claiming, ie a joint claim, both members of the couple have to create an account and a linking code is used to link them together as a joint claim. Neither member of the couple can hit the "submit" button until all of the information has been provided by both members of the couple - as requested in their 'to-do's. 

  • If one member of a couple is not able to make a new claim, eg. due to being very unwell, their partner could make the claim for both of them. 
    Reg 9(5) of the UC etc Claims and Payments Regulations 2013 states:
    Where the Secretary of State considers that one member of a couple is unable to make a joint claim with the other member of that couple, the other member of the couple may make a claim jointly for both of them. 
    Another option that might be appropriate, if the partner is not able to manage their affairs, could be for the partner to apply to be their appointee, and make the claim on their behalf that way.

  • If someone will be unavoidably delayed in making a claim they need to consider if they can register an intention to claim, or maybe they need a home visit or hospital visit.

  • The date of claim is important because Universal Credit cannot be paid for a period before the date of claim (unless backdated) and the date of claim dictates the claimant's Monthly Assessment Periods.

  • So someone should make a claim for Universal Credit as soon as they think they may be entitled if this is their only option.

  • However, there may be times when it is worth delaying the claim - for example if the claimant is due a payment on finishing work within the next few days, or the change that is triggering the UC claim would also trigger entitlement to the Severe Disability Premium - click here.

  • Where the claimant received help from the DWP or someone acting on their behalf with making the online claim, then in certain circumstances, their date of claim should be the date on which they requested this help - click here. Note DWP has confirmed this does not include help from Citizens Advice's Help to Claim service,

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