Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Universal Credit & EEA Nationals

Looking for training aimed specifically at housing workers?

"Fantastic course that clarified lots of issues. I now know what questions I should be asking....."
This full-day session is packed full of useful information and practical ideas to aid problem solving 
This course is designed for those housing workers who would like a practical understanding of which EEA Nationals can claim Universal Credit. It will give delegates an insight into the issues involved in letting properties and preventing arrears, and give them the confidence to advise people appropriately.

9.30am                Introductions & Expectations.
                            Who is an EEA national?
                            Case Studies

9.50am                The Habitual Residence Test
                            The right to reside test
                            The actual habitual residence test

10.00pm              Which EEA Nationals can claim UC

10.15am              Working EEA nationals
                            Genuine and effective work – what is this?
                            Off work sick / on maternity leave
10.45am              Break    

11.00am              What happens when work ends?
                            Retaining worker status
                            Genuine Prospect of Work Test
                            Case Studies – who has a worker / retained worker status?

11.45pm             Family members of EEA Nationals
                           Which family members can claim
                           What happens on separation/divorce
                           How UC works for couples
                           Card Game
                           Case Studies – who has the R2R as a family member?

12.45pm             Lunch

1.30pm               Permanent Residence
                           Who qualifies? How do you get it?
                           How long does it last?
                           Case Studies – who has the permanent right to reside?

2.00pm                Derivative Rights
                            Rights of children and parents of children in education
                            Case Studies – who can claim UC?

2.30pm                ‘Jobseeking’ EEA nationals
                             Can they ever claim UC?

2.45pm                 Break

3.00pm                What if?
                            How a change in circumstances affects Right to Reside
                            Case Studies

3.30pm                Implications of Brexit

4.00pm                Action Plan

4.30pm                Close

What delegates have said about this course:

"What could have been a dry subject was brought to life with excellent exercises."

"Great trainer who was easy to follow and explained everything in simple terms."

"Some great ideas for helping claimants provide the evidence the DWP need to make the right decision."

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"I have worked in housing for over 30 years and this is the best benefits training I have ever had."

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In-house course
Universal Credit is more complex than anyone expected and those complexities are causing huge problems for claimants.

Many are not aware why the problem has arisen or how to deal with it.

Some don't even know that they are missing out on money they are entitled to.

This course aims to give delegates the knowledge and confidence to tackle these issues. 

Devised especially for those staff who have a basic knowledge of Universal Credit and are now ready to delve into the complexities of the system that they need to know for their job.

This course aids learning by using case studies and discussion and is different to most other UC training.

You will not be disappointed if you book this course.

Book this course in-house for just £895+vat (for up to 16 delegates).