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Universal Credit: The Essentials

Need training for front line staff that tackles the practicalities of UC?

"Your course was just what we were looking for - it's created a real buzz around the office. All the delegates found it really useful and have said that it will have a positive impact on their day to day work."
Tracy Panesh, Senior Money Adviser, Northwards Housing
This full-day session is packed full of useful information and practical ideas to problem solving 
The roll out of the Universal Credit Digital Service poses a real challenge to social housing. This course examines the details of how Universal Credit works highlighting key issues/differences/problem areas. It gives delegates the information and tools they need to ensure claimants receive the correct advice, and to help prevent rent arrears.
Practical exercises and case studies are used throughout the course and delegates are encouraged to ask questions and to discuss issues and concerns.

Learning Outcomes: by the end of the course delegates will:
  • Understand what Universal Credit is all about, who can claim, how it works and the problem areas
  • Be able to give advice about who will need to claim UC and when
  • Be able to give advice about what a claimant needs to do to ensure a successful claim is made and runs smoothly
  • Have a basic understanding of how UC is assessed and the deductions that can be taken
  • Understand which 18-21 year old claimants will get help with their rent
  • Understand some of the differences between Housing Benefit and Universal Credit, in particular: temporary absences, non-dependant deductions, bedroom tax, mesne profits, impact of sanctions
  • Have the information and tools to help claimants deal with some of the problems they face.

Outline of Day

9.30am                 Introductions and Expectations
9.40am                 Universal Credit Intro
What is it? What’s it replacing?
                             The importance of Monthly Assessment Periods
10.00am               Who can claim?
                             Basic eligibility criteria
                             Claimant commitment:
                             - the conditionality groups / what’s expected / sanctions
10.30am               Break
10.45am              Who has to claim
                             Digital Timetable, who is affected and when
                             Who may wrongly be advised to claim                               
                             Implications of claiming – worse off/better off
                             Pitfalls of moving onto Digital UC
                             What happens to existing benefits: HB run-on
                             18-21 year olds and the Housing Costs Element
                             Case Studies

12.45pm               Lunch

1.30pm                 Claims 
                              What can someone do to get prepared to claim UC?
                              Making a claim, what’s needed, rent verification
                              Can claims ever be backdated?
                              Advance payments
                              Ensuring a complete claim is made and processed

2.15pm                 How Calculated
                             The smoothie concept

2.45pm                 Break

3.00pm                 Payments
                              Payments – the defaults and the alternatives
                              Managed Payments
                              - the different payment cycle and implications
                              What if they stop?

4.00pm                 Differences to HB
                              What’s different?
                              Exercise: Would I Lie to You?

4.30pm                 Close 
What delegates have said about this course:

"Great course, so informative and enjoyable."

"Excellent course. There's so much more to UC than I imagined - real challenges ahead!"

 "Kept us involved - very relevant exercises. Trainer very informative and encouraged discussion."

"I gained a much better understanding of what tenants will be experiencing when claiming Universal Credit on the Full service and ways in which we can help them to get the best outcome."

"It explained so much - I now feel so much more confident in advising tenants on UC."

"It's worrying how so much can go wrong - I'm so glad I attended this course ahead of our areas going onto the Full service."

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Universal Credit is more complex than anyone expected and those complexities are causing huge problems for claimants.

Many are not aware why the problem has arisen or how to deal with it.

Some don't even know that they are missing out on money they are entitled to.

This course aims to give delegates the knowledge and confidence to tackle these issues. 

Devised to build on the UC knowledge delegates already have and give them a deeper understanding of how UC works, where it goes wrong and how to put it right!

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