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On-line Workshop: Calculating UC - How Income Affects an Award


Many workers and self-employed people have made claims for Universal Credit due to a loss of income during the Coronavirus outbreak. Others have lost their job. 

This workshop looks at how different types of income - earnings, self-employed earnings, and unearned income affect a UC award.

By the end of the workshop delegates will have a better understanding of what counts as income and how it affects a UC award so that they can explain the impact of income (and varying income) to a UC claimant, spot mistakes and help customers resolve any issues.


What counts as income (and what should be treated as savings instead)?
Earnings, Assessment Periods and the Work Allowance
How self-employed earnings affect an award - the Minimum Income Floor
What counts as unearned income?
What's disregarded?
Problem areas
What advice? case studies
Useful tools
Action Plan

Led by experts, this workshop is one in our range of online workshops that explore the detail of current Universal Credit  'hot topics'.

Designed to be engaging, informative and interactive, the workshops will enable delegates to gain a deeper understanding of the topic area.

Each workshop will last between 90 and 120 minutes, and will include a presentation, Q&A session, exercises to reinforce learning, discussion of useful tools and an action plan.

With a maximum of 12 on each workshop, delegates have the opportunity to delve into some of the current issues affecting UC claimants so that they are able to offer appropriate help and advice.


To be announced.


Cost: £49+vat per place       Duration: 2 hours




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If you have a whole team that could benefit from this workshop then we would be delighted to set up a separate workshop just for you - email us at: training@housingsysytems.co.uk.