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Blended Learning: Intro to Welfare Benefits

This online blended learning programme gives learners an overview of the welfare benefits system and a deeper understanding of some of the recent reforms that impact on claimants' income, including Universal Credit, the Benefit Cap and the two child limit.
It looks at the different types of benefits that make up the system and the way they fit together. It will enable learners to be able to complete a basic benefits check to ensure people are claiming their full likely entitlements and don't miss out.


This course will include—

The structure of the benefits system
The qualifying conditions for the main benefits 
Maximising entitlement - underclaimed benefits and premiums
Where UC fits in

Led by experts, this workshop is one in our range of online workshops.




E-Learning: w/c 14th March

Workshop 1: Tuesday 22nd March, 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Workshop 2: Wednesday 24th March, 1.30 - 4.30pm


Just £99+vat per delegate:



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Designed to be engaging, informative and interactive, the workshop enables participants to gain a deeper understanding of the topic area.

The workshop will last 3 hours, and will include a presentation, Q&A session, exercises to reinforce learning, discussion of useful tools and an action plan.

With a maximum of 16 on each workshop, participants have the opportunity to delve into some of the current issues affecting UC claimants so that they are able to offer appropriate help and advice.


Book this session to be delivered in-house for up to 16 delegates for £1190+vat for subscribers, £1590+vat for non-subscribers.
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Feel I have a much better undertsamding of the benefits sytems and where UC fits in.”

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