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In-house Training Programmes
All our training is designed around meeting your needs.  We can help with advice, whether you need us to plan a single training session, or a series of linked training courses.  We can help identify what you want to achieve, the outcomes you need and design a programme that delivers.

Designed especially for you, providing value for money - to help you provide a first class service.

We look forward to helping you plan your training.

Email training@housingsystems.co.uk for more information or to start a conversation today. 

Building your training programme
Welfare benefits is complex and ever changing but our courses will help simplify the benefits system by breaking it down into learning outcomes allowing your team to learn at an appropriate pace and with their existing knowledge in mind.  

We can deliver a variety of training programmes. Whether it's upskilling a team on Universal Credit through a Blended Learning programme delivered over a series of weeks, having quarterly benefit updates throughout the year, or a series of workshops looking at some of the more complex benefit areas.

Training programmes may include: 

  • Online interactive training workshops
  • Blended learning linked with tutor support,
  • E-Learning courses,
  • Face to face training (when no alternative)

in any combination to suit your needs.

Why choose us?
  • All courses are interactive and engaging and include lots of practical case studies
  • Our trainers are benefits and training specialists
  • Our courses are designed for your team’s needs
  • From Zoom to Room - whatever the delivery style we’ll make it work

"The Blended Learning programme was great. We really appreciated the ability to build the training plan around our needs. Each learner having their own personal learning account meant that the Team Leaders could track their progress which was really beneficial. Everyone felt supported throughout the programme. The E-Learning courses meant we could learn at a time and pace to suit our needs, and this was then reinforced and developed in the workshops. These were so well delivered and interactive – and reinforced team building. It felt personal to individuals despite being online. We’re now more confident when helping customers with benefit related issues. Together with the wealth of follow up support from the Housing Systems website we not only feel supported but keen to continue to build our knowledge."

Naomi Mitcheson, Income Manager, Bromford


Great resource
"What a great resource to ensure front line staff have the knowledge they need today  to help customers.”