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Christmas fun - choose our Escape Room!
Looking for something different to do with your Team/s this Christmas - that's online?

Why not take a look at our interactive 'Calculating UC Escape Room' - working in small groups teams work together to complete tasks and solve puzzles - learning or refreshing their UC knowledge as they go. It's an immersive and fun experience that gets your team working together whilst sitting in their own homes!

Some important documents have been left behind. A small team needs to crack various puzzles and codes using a combination of logical thinking and UC knowledge to retrieve them. Can they do it within an hour and save the day?

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Make a difference - 50% of sales go to Crisis at Christmas

Help make a difference!

Half of the sales from this Escape Room will go to Crisis to help out this Christmas.

Click here to find out more about Crisis and the incredible work they do!

How Much?

Purchase this Escape Room for:

£20+vat - per team

£149+vat - per organisation (unlimited use).

Contact us on: 01756 796394 or email:

If you would like to try before you buy, just contact us we can set up a short demonstration:



How does it work?

Teams can go head to head to see who can crack the codes and manage to escape in the quickest time.

Choose to run the Escape Room as part of a large meeting with break-outs, or let the teams decide when to play the game themselves within a 24 hour window.

The game is ideally played in groups of three - so that each member has a role. 

The players can be located anywhere and connect to each other using Teams/Zoom/Meet/Skype etc.

The aim is to complete the experience within 60 minutes.


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Contact us on:

Email: training@housingsystems.co.uk
Tel: 01756 796394

 Remember that 50% of sales go to Crisis at Christmas to help them ensure that no-one is homeless and alone this Christmas