Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
About this course
This interactive and fun E-Learning course is all about who has to claim Universal Credit.

Many people believe any change in their circumstances will mean they have to claim UC - but this is not always the case. Because many claimants are worse off on UC, you need to make sure you are providing accurate advice. Especially because there is almost always no going back!

If you take this course you will be better equipped to spot whether someone's only option is to claim UC or whether they have other options.

This course has been designed for and is aimed at those learners who need to have an awareness of who has to claim Universal Credit - and who has options.

Aimed at: Housing professionals, and advisers working with benefit claimants.

The course in interactive with small quizzes as you go along.

At the end there is a quick final quiz so you can test yourself on what you have learned.

A basic knowledge of the benefits system is assumed

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"Great course - very informative.
I now feel able to advice my clients when they have a change in their circumstances."

"I really enjoyed this course - the tests and quizzes throughout helped check what I had learnt."

"More detail in this course than I was expecting - I learnt a lot of new and useful information that will be useful to my role."

"Best UC E-Learning I've done - really relevant information presented in an engaging way."