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Coronavirus and Benefits

Updates to this course:
Version released 7th May 2020:

Working Tax Credit

Can continue in payment to those workers whose hours have reduced/been furloughed for a temporary period due to the Coronavirus outbreak - this rule will apply for the duration of the Job Retention Scheme, Self-Employed Income Support Scheme.

Version released 4th May 2020:

Help with childcare....

The DWP updated their guidance to say that they will not be helping those claimants who are having to pay for childcare during the Coronavirus outbreak unless they are a key/critical worker.
This includes not providing support with retainers.

Minor wording changes.

Version released 22nd April 2020:

UC & Limited Capability for Work...
The DWP have revoked the Regulations that treated UC claimants who were 'self-isolating' according to government instructions as having a Limited Capability for Work.
Instead any UC claimant who is 'self-isolating' on the last day of their Assessment Period and would like a work allowance included in their assessment will need to provide the DWP with a isolation notice, explain that they have a 'notifiable disease' and request that they be treated as having a LCW in line the the UC (General) Regulations.

Tax Credit run-on....
The Tax Credit run-on has been extended to 8 weeks for those workers whose hours have dropped below those required to be able to claim Tax Credits ie 16 or 24 or 30, where this is just a temporary change.

Statutory Sick Pay....
Is now available to those who are 'shielding' and who have a letter instructing them to do so from the NHS, and who cannot work as a result.
DWP guidance is that this also applied to New-Style ESA, but the Regulation have not yet been changed to confirm this.

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