Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Intro to Welfare Benefits
This course is designed for those learners who want to know the basics of how the Welfare Benefit System in the UK works and what it's all about.

Learners will gain an understanding of the benefit system and how it is changing. They will get a basic knowledge of the different benefits and who they are for so that they can sense check when someone may be missing out or need advice.

Learners can then build on this knowledge by working through our other courses.
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"This was a great course - took it as part of the induction to my new job. Essential for anyone new to housing who will be working with customers."


"I thought this was going to be boring - but it wasn't.  I've learnt a lot and will certainly be signposting more of our customers for benefit advice."

"I was amazed at how much goes unclaimed but I can see why, it's such a complex system. I really want to know more so I will be looking at your other E-Learning courses."

"Found the explanation of the different types of benefits really useful. I now understand why certain benefits can and can't be paid at the same time."