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UC: Mixed Age Couples - The Essentials
Changes in May 2019 mean that there are now three benefit systems a Mixed Age Couple could fall under!

Give the wrong advice and a couple could miss out on over £140 a week with no going back!

This course will explain what options Mixed Age Couple may have and why it is important that they seek advice. 
Interactive quizzes and  case studies to consider will help you gain a good insight into this complex topic.

Launch Course
"Excellent course, well put together, thought provoking and really useful."

"You can't get training like this anywhere else. The attention to detail and hints and tips make it an invaluable resource."

"Anyone working with mixed age couples should take this course - I now realise how complex the rules are and how important it is to give the correct advice."

"So pleased I took this course - a real insight into the options some couples have - and what they could lose."