Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
The Escape Room

Some important documents have been left behind. You are part of the small team that needs to crack various puzzles and codes using a combination of logical thinking and Universal Credit knowledge to retrieve them. And you only have an hour to do so!

To complete the tasks a knowledge of how Universal Credit is calculated helps but is not essential - everything you need to crack the codes is provided either in the Escape Room itself – or on a specially devised set of information pages on the Housing Systems website. There’s even a simple UC calculator to help (so no need to do any complicated maths unless you want to).

More info – why not watch the video here.

You should aim to escape the room in 60 minutes – but can continue for as long as it takes you to escape as you will not get locked in. Although, the longer it takes you, the lower your score will be.

You will work as part of a team in an online meeting and will need to allocate these three roles:

1 - The Navigator - who will navigate the Escape Room itself and share their screen with their team members. NOTE: To exit a puzzle click on ‘Close’ – do not click on the browser back button as this will mean you will leave the room!

The Escape Room is accessed via the Housing Systems website.  The timer will not start until you have read the information and are ready. ACCESS the Escape Room here

NOTE: you will only gain access if you/your organisation has booked the Calculating UC Escape Room experience.

2 - The Techie  - who searches the specific pages on the Housing Systems website for answers.

They need to be able to see the Escape Room and have the Housing Systems website open as well so that they can transfer between the two. ACCESS the Information Pages here.

NOTE: Everything needed to escape is either in the Escape Room itself or on the information pages provided - but that doesn't mean it will be easy!

3 - The Data Analyst - who takes notes and uses the Basic UC Calculator on the Housing Systems website developed especially for this Escape Room experience.

They need to be able to see the Escape Room and have the Housing Systems website open as well so that they can transfer between the two. ACCESS the Calculator here.

Talk to one another….listen to one another…some tasks don’t require any UC knowledge – so involve everyone!  Look for links between clues and pay attention to every detail.

Need a Hint?

If you need help, then you can get a hint but it will reduce your score by the equivalent of 5 extra minutes – could you figure it out in that time? If you’re really stuck, you can reveal the answer but it will cost you 20 minutes!
If you decide you need a hint or answer, click on the 'Hints' box above the timer. 

Playing against other Teams?

At the end of the Escape Room a certificate will appear that will give your team a score – if you click to print this, you can either print it or save to pdf. Your score will depend on the total time you have taken and the number of hints and answers you revealed.

Need technical help?

If you need any technical help then please contact us- tel: 01756 796394, email:training@ucnotes.co.uk